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Call For Submissions

Dear readers,

I’m searching for submissions to be included in this blog.  I am only one man and bring a particular perspective to the subject of queer intergenerational relationships.  I would love to expand the perspectives reflected by this site through the contribution of thoughtful writers from backgrounds and experiences other than my own; older gay men in intergenerational relationships and lesbians with intergenerational interests would be particularly valuable.

Submissions should be approximately 300 to 500 words in length and relate to the theme of this blog.  Other creative works (poems, photos, etc) will be considered, but I ask that you make a statement explaining how you feel your work complements From Gay to December.  All contributors will be given full acknowledgment of their work and they will maintain ownership of said work.

Unfortunately, I will be unable to provide financial compensation.  This blog creates no revenue and is created solely for the purpose of fostering a sense of community and acceptance for those interested in age different relationships.  However, if you operate a website of your own a links trade may be negotiated.

Inclusion of any submissions are subject to review and a collaborative editorial process between myself and the author.

To make your submission, please e-mail me at gaytodecember@yahoo.com


2 Responses

  1. Aaron,
    i thought of something that’s of value and I’d like to offer it up for possible inclusion. you’ve got advice for older guys, younger guys but how about some support for parents.. I’ll send you a short piece.. tell me what you think..

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