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Alone for the Holidays

Well, today is Thanksgiving in the United States, the first in a number of major holidays this season. In the lead up to today a sense of loneliness has been building and I expect it to continue over the next month or so. The ill feeling is a mix of being alone relationship-wise as well as recognizing that it was about a year ago now that the troubles with John and I really started to come to a head.

gourdsJohn and I talked about the upcoming holidays some and while we’re still friends we decided it would be best not to make major plans together for the holidays. As a part of our new lives apart we need to make new traditions for ourselves. Besides, I expect we’ll both be emotional about the season and its not good to try to vent that together.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make plans to visit my family back east for the holidays. That leaves me wondering what I will do for Christmas and New Years. Fortunately, for today I received a gracious invite for lunch.

Here’s wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving.


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  1. HI

    I am a 55 year old guy in the U.K. dreading Christmas. My partner died in March from MND (ALS in the US or Lou Gehrig’s disease.) He was 35 and was diagnosed in 2009. We were together for 12 years. I guess we assumed that I would go first until he became ill. So I hope guys in intergenerational relationships will just enjoy them and not worry about the perceived problems. I am a long way from dating anybody else but I found this site very helpful in gathering my thoughts. Happy Xmas to everyone

  2. This site is such an informative and enlightening read. All the best to you.

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